Minerstat coins API is a public API that allows you to obtain basic information about coins that are listed on minerstat. This documentation will help you understand which data is available in the public API and how the data can be used. Before you continue with reading this documentation and using this API, please read terms and conditions carefully and follow them appropriately as by using our API you agree with the terms and conditions.


Currently, there is no special authorization method required to use this public API.


To use our public coins API you don't need any special account. The only requirement is to follow terms and conditions.

Base URL

Requests limitations

The API is limited to 12 requests per minute. Do note that the data refreshes every 5-10 minutes, so there is no need to call the endpoint multiple times per minute.

Responses and error handling

minerstat API use the HTTPS protocols for requests. They return responses in JSON data format. On success, API will always return code 200. List of error codes:

  • 500 - API/System error
  • 400 - Invalid parameter
  • 402 - Limit reached
  • 404 - Non-existent content